Our services

For children and youth

CEJHP offers various measures based on individual needs, such as:

  • specialized diagnosis to identify the strengths and particular and specific needs of children and youth and determine the priorities of our specialized intervention
  • development of an individualized educational plan
  • adaptation of pedagogical and didactic practices in the classroom
  • specific learning workshops
  • individual follow-up by the resource teacher
  • individual or group support, if necessary, by the psychologist, pedagogue or psychomotrician
  • peer grouping

For parents

We offer:

  • information and awareness
  • advice and guidance
  • exchange platform

For education professionals

We offer:

  • information and awareness
  • advice and recommendations
  • support and coaching
  • training
  • exchange platform

Our available training courses:

Schüler/-innen mit einer Hochbegabung: Theorie und Praxis (EF)

Kreatives Denken: wie kann man es fördern in der Grundschule?

Schüler/-innen mit einer Hochbegabung: Theorie und Praxis (ES)

Our 4 Units

Teaching Unit

For some students, a specialized ambulatory intervention (ISA) can be beneficial: it consists of individualized support in the student's classroom by one of our teachers on a regular basis (a few times a month). The goal of this ISA is to set up pedagogical arrangements, together with the school's pedagogical team, and to help the student according to his/her needs. Specific learning workshops focused on the needs of the highly gifted student may also be offered.

Rehabilitation Unit

The rehabilitation unit offers psychomotor therapy.

Diagnostic and Counselling Unit

The pedagogues and psychologists establish a specialized diagnosis to identify the needs of the children. They advise parents and professionals and offer pedagogical or psychological support and discussion groups.

Administrative Unit

The director and the administrative staff take care of the management of the CEJHP.


Que vous soyez enfants
parents ou professionnels de l'éducation, le CEJHP peut vous aider